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About Diamond Dogs


What makes us a gentle, low-stress shop:


We give the extra care because we know your dog is more precious to you than any diamonds.

-Staggered appointment times means your dog isn’t kept in a cage all day waiting for their turn.

-Staggered appointment times also mean fewer dogs and less barking…so a quieter calmer experience  for everyone.

-A larger pen option for your over-sized dog who may feel cramped in a kennel.

-We use noise reduction options for drying.  We use cotton balls and happy hoodies to protect your dog’s ears from the noise during the drying process.  This helps them stay calm and less panicked during what is the least favorite part of the process for many dogs.

-We don’t use heated cage dryers which have proved to be dangerous in many shops.  If your dog really doesn’t like being hand dried we use a kennel option that uses fans to circulate the air and periodic brushing and toweling.  This may take longer but can be the best option for some older dogs or dogs that are extremely stressed otherwise.

-We use a clipper-vac system which uses a gentle suction to lift the hair up while clipping. This is great for your older dog because less time on the table, a lighter touch with the clippers so we can skim over the lumps and bumps, and less need to manipulate the legs and bodies of sore or arthritic dogs.

-We are most proud of our gentle handling techniques. We are hyper aware of how we hold, move, and speak to your dog. This is a top priority for our groomers and all of our trained staff.

What makes us a fun grooming shop:

We have all the glam extras for when your dog wants to rock it like a Diamond Dog!

-We are always happy to try new fun and unique styles. Mohawks, fu manchus, bellbottoms ect…

-We have hair crayons for colorful highlights.

-And we have the most adorable selection of ear-bows, bowties, and neckties in town. 

Our Team
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